Ariel Noyman is a researcher, lecturer, architect and an urban designer working to fuse cities and technology.

Noyman is a researcher at the City Science Group at the MIT Media Lab where he oversees the integration of the group’s diverse research topics (city simulation, urban mobility, innovation districts and smart housing) to provide comprehensive solutions for large scale urban challenges. He is also an adjunct professor for Architecture and Urbanism at Northeastern University where he teaches urban development design studios. Noyman has over a decade of experience in academic research and teaching, large-scale urban design, institutional and private design projects, city-science and data visualization.
Noyman has a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design program at MIT. In parallel, noyman was a research assistant at the Center For Advanced Urbanism at MIT SA+P. Prior to MIT, Noyman graduated the School of Architecture at Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem (Cum Laude) where he later became a Design Studio Lecturer. Since 2006, he has practiced in leading architecture and design firms in the US, Europe and in Israel, while developing an independent body of work through design projects, competitions, research and exhibitions.

City Science Group, MIT Media Lab
Adj. Professor, CMAD, Northeastern University
noyman [at] media [dot] mit [dot] edu
20 Ames Street, E15-368 Cambridge, MA 02142

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