Maverick Mills 

Architecture, Infrastructure + the City
Northeastern Undergrad 4th Year Architecture Studio (ARCH 3170)

This studio analyzed and proposed new models of urban district development within post-industrial landscapes and the unique opportunities that such landscapes raise for creating infrastructure, landscape, and architectural designs that capitalize on the diversely networked characteristics of these sites. The site of this studio is the former Maverick Mills, located just south of Orient Heights in East Boston.Today, this site is perhaps most defined by the varied nature of topographic, programmatic, infrastructural, and ecological zones that come to interface around this sites’ perimeter. Topographically, to the North and South are landmasses including the dramatically rising drumlin hill overlooking the harbor- Breeds Hill, to the East and West are water bodies. The studio considered and critique the ‘immediate urbanism’ of this urban development model as a unique opportunity to consider what should be the contemporary layers of an urban landscape infrastructure, and how these infrastructural systems can be translated into architecture.

All visuals from students’ projects:
Wolfgang, Benjamin H.,Koyama, Thomas M.,Pierre, Bertrand,Sadder, Malek K.,Wen, Dong,Saint-Hilaire, Dafne, Denisky, Allison M.,Wang, Yuzhou, Winslow, Jennifer L., Kobayashi, Hinako, Mardelli, Paul P., Lau, Ray Ching Yeung

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