This studio foregrounds concerns with architecture and it’s relationship with urbanism. It focuses attention on the nature of the public in architecture: through the conceptualization, and configuration of public space, public transportation, and a public institution. The semester is an opportunity for students to place themselves within a series of historical value-sets in architecture, or disciplinary lineages. This is one of the more challenging aspects of the studio because of the degree of disciplinary, cultural and historical awareness that students must develop and then be able to harness. But it is evermore pressing for current students of architecture, as the contemporary status of the discipline is no longer defined by discrete, separate lineages as, arguably, it has been at some points in the past. Being able to situate ones project, conceptually, politically, socially, representationally, is critical to leveraging a design project’s potential to provoke.

March Core II Studio | 4.152 Architecture Design Core Studio II, Spring 2015 | MIT Department of Architecture

Instructors: Ryan Murphy, William O’Brien Jr. (Coordinator), Rafi Segal

Teaching Assistants: Nazareth Ekmekjian, Ariel Noyman, Diego Pinochet

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