This project transforms the Meadowlands basin to address a wide spectrum of risks, while providing civic amenities and creating opportunities for redevelopment: protect, connect, grow. A large natural reserve made accessible to the public will offer flood protection. Called ‘the Meadowpark’, it connects and expands marshland restoration efforts by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, and makes them accessible. A system of berms and marshes is proposed Around and across the Meadowpark, to protect against ocean surges, and collect rainfall, reducing sewer overflows in adjacent towns. The Meadowpark adds value to surrounding development through its views and recreational offerings. The Meadowband defines the edge of the Meadowpark. A civic amenity, it consists of a street, Bus Rapid Transit line, a series of public spaces, recreation zones, and access points to Meadowpark. The Meadowband brings together different systems (such as transport, ecology, and development) and different scales (from local to regional).The park and the band protect existing development areas. In order to be worthy of federal investment, it is imperative to use land more intensively, by shifting from suburban-style development to more urban typologies.

Commissioned by Rebuild by Design An Initiative of the President’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Taskforce


Location Meadowlands, New-Jersey

Project area 8400 acres

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