Yad Le’Banim in Ramat Ishai

Architecture competition for a new active memorial center for fallen soldiers (‘Yad Le Banim’). The town of Ramat Ishay together with the “Yad Labanim” organization decided to hold an open competition for architects under the age of 40, for the design of the new Yad Labanim building. The total building area was to be 500 sqm in maximum 2 floors, on a lot sized approximately 2,300 sqm. The program of the project included a main memorial hall, 3 activity rooms (not specified) a library, a small ceremony square, and the accompanying facilities like bathrooms, kitchen, etc’. This proposal aims to leverage on the site’s natural topography to accommodate the program inside a natural, nearly hidden landscape. 

With Arch. C. Harnik-Saar,
Arch. K. Avni, Arch. R. Kedar

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